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1979 – The Smashing Pumpkins

3 a.m. – Matchbox 20

Alive – Pearl Jam

American Girl - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

And Fools Shine On – Brother Kane

Are You Gonna Go My Way – Lenny Kravitz

Bittersweet - Big Head Todd and the Monsters

Blurry – Puddle of Mudd

Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day

Bullet the Blue Sky – U2

Bullet With Butterfly Wings – Smashing Pumpkins

Cherub Rock – The Smashing Pumpkins

Closer to Free - The BoDeans

Closing Time - Semisonic

Counting Blue Cars - Dishwalla

Creep – Radiohead

De Do Do Do De Dah Dah Dah – The Police
December – Collective Soul
Desire - U2
Drive – Incubus
Driver 8 – R.E.M.
Even Flow – Pearl Jam
Everlong – Foo Fighters
Every Breath You Take – Police
Far Behind– Candlebox
Flesh for Fantasy - Billy Idol
Fly Away – Lenny Kravitz
Good Things – The BoDeans

Hard to Handle – Black Crows
Hash Pipe – Weezer
Heart Shaped Box
Heaven - Los Lonely Boys
Hemorrhage – Fuel
Higher Ground – The Red Hot Chili Peppers
How’s It Gonna Be – Third Eye Blind
Hunger Strike – Temple of the Dogs
I Alone – Live
I Don’t Wanna Be – Gavin DeGraw
If You Could Only See – Tonic
In a Day Dream – The Freddy Jones Band
In Bloom - Nirvana

Inside Out – Eve 6
Interstate Love Song – Stone Temple Pilots
Island in the Sun – Weezer
It’s Been Awhile – Staind
Kick – Blue Onyx
Killing in the Name of – Rage Against the Machine
Kryptonite – 3 Doors Down
LA Woman - Billy Idol
Last Night – The Strokes
Like A Stone – Audioslave
Machinehead – Bush
Man in the Box – Alice in Chains

Message in a Bottle – The Police
Mr. Jones – Counting Crows
My Hero - Foo Fighters
My Own Worst Enemy – Lit
No Excuses – Alice In Chains
One – U2
One Love – Bob Marley
Outside – Staind
Push – Matchbox 20
Rocky Mountain Way – Joe Walsh
Rooster - Alice in Chains
Santeria – Sublime
Sex on Fire – Kings of Leon
Shared Dreaming – Blue Onyx
Shine – Collective Soul

Slide – Goo Goo Dolls
Slither – Velvet Revolver
Suicide Blonde – INXS
Summer of 69’ – Bryan Adams
Surrender – Cheap Trick
The Middle – Jimmy Eats World
The Way – Fastball
Times Like These – Foo Fighters
Torn – Creed
Vasoline – Stone Temple Pilots
What I Got – Sublime
White Wedding – Billy Idol
Wicked Garden - Stone Temple Pilots
Wish You Were Here – Incubus
Would – Alice in Chains
Zero – The Smashing Pumpkins


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The past few months have been full of epic private party shows, opening for national touring acts and local bar shows.  These guys (Crazy Babies - Ozzy Rebourne) truly make you feel like you're in the presence of the great and powerful Ozzy.  What a great group of guys and amazing performers.  

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The Blue Onyx 90's Rock Experience is excited to be a part of Mount Prospect's very own music festival - 56 Music Fix which runs from Friday August 20th through Sunday August 22nd. 56 bands will be performing over the 3 day music festival. Blue Onyx is headlining Friday nights show at The Red Barn. The show starts at 6:30pm. See you all there.

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STATION 34                                  34 S ELMHURST RD, MOUNT PROSPECT IL



Behind The Scenes

The Blue Onyx 90's Rock Experience captures the best of the 90's Rock seen. Playing from a set list of 75 plus songs from bands like: Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Sublime, The Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, 3 Doors Down, Lenny Kravitz, Green Day, Matchbox 20, The Goo Goo Dolls, Live, Bush, Velvet Revolver, Counting Crows, Collective Soul, Incubus, Radiohead, U2 and many more. 90's Rock with a few choice 70's, 80's and current songs, check out Blue Onyx. Available for corporate events, private parties, or catch them at your local Chicagoland bar. For booking information call (847) 877-6551 or email: blueonyx90srockexperience@gmail.com




2- ALTO Professional TS312 - 2,000 Watt PA System
5 - ALTO TX-8 - 280 Watt Monitors
Sound Board - X AIR XR12 System from Behringer

Sure SM48 Microphones



Fender Sonoran SCE Acoustic/Electric (Ruby with pearl accents)

Epiphone - Les Paul Special II Plus Limited Edition – Transpart Blue

Fender Affinity Strat (Black with Rosewood fingerboard and white pick guard)

Shure SM48 microphone

Digitech RP350 Guitar effects pedal

Digitech Vocal 300 vocal pedal

Crate MX65R AMP


Fender Stratocaster
Bose Effect pedal


Guitars: Fender Stratocasters
Amps: Orange and Mesa/Boogie


Fender Elite Precision, Music Man Stingray, PRS Grainger, Rick Turner Acoustic 
Pedal - Tuner
Amp EG V-4B Tube Head, Mesa Boogie Subway 800 Pre-Amp, Mesa Boogie cabinet 1x12, Warwick 4X10


PDP 805 Series Ivory with black hardware



Aviary Photo_132206529584062890.png

Lead Singer


“We spend a lot of time just playing through everything until we make it our own, sort of jamming it all out, to get our sound just right,” Craig says.
Craig Biwer, the lead singer of Blue Onyx, is no stranger to performing.  Craig’s been playing rhythm guitar and singing lead for the past 15 years in the Chicago music scene. His current band Blue Onyx is a 90’s cover band featuring vocals that travel the full spectrum of 90’s music. From Goo Goo Dolls, “Slide” to Radiohead, “Creep” to The Black Crow, “Hard to Handle” to Alice in Chain "Man in the Box", and everything in between. Craig leads Blue Onyx both on stage and off as an up and coming Chicagoland fixture.


Sum of Talented Parts

Aviary Photo_132007129709439531.png

Rhythm Guitar, Backup Vocals


Stu started playing guitar in his early teens to Pink Floyd and Billy Squier before discovering New Order and the Smiths in college. 

Working for a telecommunication firm with Craig Biwer in the 90’s, Stu and Craig have been friend for 20 years. Stu joined the band 4 years ago after a round of golf.

Current influences are the Black Keys, the Decemberists and Dwight Yoakam.


Sum of Talented Parts

Aviary Photo_132006957922141548.png

Lead Guitar


Native of Chicago, Rich has been playing guitar for over twenty years, initially started studying piano, but soon after being exposed to Van Halen, decided trying guitar instead and has not looked back. 

Rich has a drive and passion for music, he enjoys performing live and the group comrade associated in a musical group context.

Main liked genres are Rock, Pop Rock, and Rock Fusion Jazz instrumental music. 

Main guitar influences are Jeff Beck, David Gilmore (Pink Floyd), Neil Schon (Journey), and Alan Holdsworth (Rock/Jazz fusion guitarist)


Sum of Talented Parts


Bass Guitar


Beginning in the Late 1980’s Steve played with various classic rock bands in college. He dropped out of music until 2002 when in a fit of midlife crisis, he dusted off the bass and played again for a short time for local classic rock bands like for Discount Rack All Stars - an original rock band based in the Northwestern suburbs and The Davenport Project for 7 years, an excellent Classic Rock cover band. With Blue Onyx Steve looks forward to focusing on Progressive Rock of the 90's and Beyond! 

Why play six string Bass-
"Well the thing I like most is that nearly everything you need to do is on the lower end of the neck -its easy to reduce everything to simpler patterns. Also a lot of people haven't seen a six so bass geeks like it. "


Sum of Talented Parts

Aviary Photo_132006947650855441.png



As the newest member of Blue Onyx, Russ brings years of both touring experience and industry know how as President of Perfomance Lighting Inc. Russ studied drums and percussion with Phil Stranger for 10 years from 1981-1990. He then joined a national touring band called WAR DANCE from 1983-1988. Next playing in a pro jobbing band called the Spontians House Band at Bub City from 1991-1993. As part of Big Band Rodeo, Russ in 1993 won the runner up prize on the popular TV show STAR SEARCH. In 1993 Russ retired from music. In 2018 Russ joined Blue Onyx.